Mkamwa Thadeus

Thadeus F. Mkamwa, Ph.D in Human Resource Management, is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour. His areas of research include High Performance Work Systems, organizational and employee behavioural outcomes, teamwork, and employee quality of life. He has been involved in various research projects such as UCOM project – Understanding Communal Orientation in Men, and the AgriDiet project which is on the empirical evidence on the linkages between agriculture and nutrition in Tanzania and Ethiopia ( He has also coordinated a number of projects such as the Initiation of Structured Postgraduate programmes in Research methods Education – A German-Tanzanian partnership in the Social Sciences’ (InSPiRE) and the Business Investigative Journalism Project which is a joint project between BEST AC (A private sector membership organization in dialogue with the government to improve ease of doing business in Tanzania), Saint Augustine University of Tanzania and ANSAF – an Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum. Besides his academic roles in research and teaching, he has worked in administrative positions. These include the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and later the Vice Chancellor of St. Augustine University of Tanzania. Thadeus was also the Chairman of the Committee of Vice Chancellors, Principals and Provosts of Tanzania (CVCPT), and the Chairman of the Scholarship, Students and Staff Mobility Committee of the Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA).