Below you can find short videos summarizing the scientific articles published by the 5C network. In other words, these are our “5 Cents”!

This video summarizes the article: Dello Russo S., Parry E., Bosak J., … & Reichel, A. (2020). Still feeling employable with growing age? Exploring the moderating effects of HR developmental practices and country-level unemployment rates in the age – employability relationship. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31, 9, 1180-1206.

This video summarizes the article:
Smale, A., Bagdadli, S., Cotton, R., Dello Russo, S., Dickmann, M., Dysvik, A., …, Rozo, P. & the 5C collaborative (2019). Proactive career behaviors and subjective career success: The moderating role of national culture. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 40 (1), 105-122.